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About Us

In a fast-changing world, education is the key to success.

For many people, learning is the route to a job to support their family or the skills to help them make progress in their career. For others, it’s simply a lifelong passion for discovery. For every learner, at every stage of their life, education is the path to opportunity and fulfillment.

Our world-class tools, content, products, and services are designed to help people adapt to our changing world, navigate its challenges and opportunities, and ultimately make progress in their lives. Because where learning flourishes, so do people.

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Our platform provides on-demand tutoring and online courses. We believe there are more teachers in the world than are actually teaching so we want to empower more people to learn from each other. Our platform enables thousands of tutors to share their knowledge with students around the globe. Whether you need help
with high school algebra or you want to learn how to program in Python, we
have a perfect tutor for you. we want to change the way you learn.

Who Are We

We provide a common platform for both Students and Teachers. It connects Learners and Teachers across the world. We facilitate Students so that they can post their learning requirement, search for suitable Teachers for their subject, contact, discuss, negotiate and hire them. We also facilitate Teachers or Tutors or Freelancer so that they can create their profile, search for needy Students, contact them and apply for the Post or Jobs based on their skill set. On successful discussion, they can teach them online, take regular tution or classes, and help them in academic assignment or project etc.


Every session is one-to-one and personalized to your subject and your question. We put students in the driver’s seat tutoring specific to your subject, your question, around your schedule. We’re a nonprofit with the mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

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Students practice at their own pace, first filling in gaps in their understanding and then accelerating their learning.

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