Terms & Condition

Required skills:
  • Applicant must be subject specialist and have full command on his/her subject.
  • One should be humble, have patience, be kind and show respect. Should have enthusiasm for their subject matter.
  • Ability to engage their students.
  • Effective teaching and Leadership

The Online Teacher reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any of its courses. Where it is necessary to cancel or reschedule any courses, you will be informed at the first available opportunity and delegates will be rescheduled as a priority to the next available course(s). The Online Teacher does not accept any responsibility for certificates expiring as a result of a cancelled course.


You are expected to be conscientious and loyal to the aims and objectives of the (International Tutor Services).

You will not be expected to refrain from any outside activity during online classes time.

Your salary will be paid by monthly bank credit in arrears in accordance with the (International Tutor Services) Teachers pay and Conditions Document. If you do not have a bank account, it is a requirement of this employment that you open one. Any remittance of salary that you may receive must be treated as payment on account and subject at all times to adjustment to the exact amount due under the terms of the Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Act applicable to you as a teacher, either by subsequent adjustment of salary or else by repayment to the (International Tutor Services) on demand.

Hours of Work

Your hours of work shall be in accord with the provisions of the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (as amended from time to time).

holidays and leave of absence 12.1 Subject to the working time provisions of the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document, holidays coincide with periods of school closure and public holidays, details of which will be notified by the Headteacher from time to time. 12.2 You will be paid full salary during these closure periods, unless you are in receipt of less than full salary arising from the application of the sick pay scheme, maternity scheme etc

Absence from Work

 You are expected to absent yourself from work only for a serious reason and with the prior approval of the Headteacher unless the absence is unforeseen or immediate.

 for any reason, you are unable to come online you are to contact the (International Tutor Services) before starting time on the first day of your absence and each subsequent day.

Newly Qualified Teachers

 If you fail to complete the induction period satisfactorily, your contract of employment will be terminated and the usual periods of notice will not apply. You will no longer be eligible to be employed as a teacher in a maintained (International Tutor Services). In the event of an appeal, there are restrictions on the duties that newly qualified teachers may perform.

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